Flight Tests Scheduled For Saturday

WILMINGTON, OH - Nov. 4, 2003 - Beginning Saturday morning, people in the vicinity of the Wilmington airport may see USA Jet DC-9 aircraft flying lower and at higher speeds than normal. This is a specific requirement for a test flight being conducted by USA Jet in coordination with ABX Air, Inc. One aircraft will be test flown between Saturday morning and Sunday evening. Flight-testing could extend later into the week depending on weather conditions.

The series of test flights will involve approximately 10 passes as low as 400 feet off either end of the runway and at speeds between 175 and 325 miles per hour, with no touchdown.

The purpose of the test flight is to verify the accuracy of newly installed aircraft equipment. The flight test should lead to FAA approval for USA Jet DC-9 aircraft to fly in more compacted airspace in the near future.

Residents also might see a small drogue cone being towed about 150 feet behind the tail of the aircraft. The cone is tethered to the aircraft, and its purpose is to gather static air pressure data during the test flight.

Takeoff is scheduled for between 7 and 7:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, although it may occur later in the day or on an alternate day, if necessary.

ABX Air is a cargo airline with a fleet of 115 aircraft that operates out of a privately owned airport in Wilmington, Ohio, and eleven hubs throughout the United States. In addition to providing airlift capacity to Airborne, a wholly owned subsidiary of DHL Worldwide Express, ABX Air provides charter and maintenance services to a diverse group of customers. With over 7,400 employees, ABX is the largest employer in a several-county area in southwestern Ohio.

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