ABX Air Poynter Speaks at AM Rotary

WILMINGTON, OH-July 19 , 2004 - Tom Poynter, Senior Vice President of Ground Operations for ABX Air, Inc., was the guest speaker at Friday's AM Rotary meeting.

"I like to get out and talk to people," said Poynter. "We have exciting news, and I am happy to share that with our community."

Poynter talked to the group about the recent decision by DHL to consolidate operations in Wilmington and some of the expansion and upgrade projects under consideration by DHL at the Wilmington Air Park.

"This venture will bring growth and change to ABX Air and to our community," explained Poynter. "DHL recognized that ABX Air has the support of this community, and it made a difference to them when it came time to make choices."

ABX Air is a cargo airline with a fleet of 115 aircraft that operates out of Wilmington, Ohio, and 11 hubs throughout the United States. In addition to providing airlift capacity and sort facility staffing to DHL, ABX Air provides charter and maintenance services to a diverse group of customers. With over 7,000 employees, ABX is the largest employer in a several county area in southwestern Ohio.

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