ABX Air Employees Celebrate Ride Your Bike To Work Day

WILMINGTON, OH-August 3, 2004 - On Wednesday, July 21, ABX Air participated in "Ride Your Bike to Work" day. Over 30 employees rode their motorcycles to work and displayed them in front of the Administration Building throughout the day. Additionally, employees who were working other shifts and in other locations rode to work to display their bikes.

ABX Air is a cargo airline with a fleet of 115 aircraft that operates out of Wilmington, Ohio, and 11 hubs throughout the United States. In addition to providing airlift capacity and sort facility staffing to DHL, ABX Air provides charter and maintenance services to a diverse group of customers. With over 7,000 employees, ABX is the largest employer in a several county area in southwestern Ohio.

Connie Bacon, event organizer for ABX Air, commented on the employee event saying, "It is fun for employees because everyone gets together and socializes and talks about their bikes." Even non-riders enjoyed looking at the bikes throughout the day.

This is the second year ABX Air had participated in the international event. Ride Your Bike to Work day is the idea of the Ride to Work Organization, a non-profit group based in Minnesota. Its mission is to advocate and support the use of motorcycles for transportation, and to provide information about motorcycle transportation to the public. For more information on Ride Your Bike to Work day, visit www.ridetowork.org.

All ABX Air employees who rode in and registered, received a window cling and kickstand plate. Prizes were awarded in several categories, including:

  • Best Custom Bike - Doug Francisco
  • Best Foreign Bike - Keith Newton
  • Best Grunge Bike - Randy Wallace
  • Best Historical Bike - Tom Gibson
  • Best Stock Bike - Dave Collins

Winners of the door prizes were Jim Belcher, Marta Craves, Tom Jefferys and Fred Nixdorf.

For more information, contact ABX Air