ABX Air is dedicated to customer- and employee-focused values designed to satisfy all stakeholders in our mission.

Customer Satisfaction
Every detail of our business will be designed with the customer as our highest priority. We will listen intently to our customers and always respond swiftly to their needs and exceed their expectations. We will be flexible and ready to respond to every opportunity.

Our People
Our employees, customers, shareholders, and communities are vitally important to our success. We always will strive to keep them informed through open and honest two-way communications. At ABX Air our people make a difference through hard work, ingenuity, personal accountability, and a spirit of teamwork.

We will deliver the highest level of quality in every aspect of our business. We will be fiscally responsible to our shareholders and we accept personal responsibility for the quality of our service. Quality will drive everything we do.

We are serious about safety. Our objective is to be 100 percent accident free. We care for one another and always practice safe work habits. No person will be put at risk to achieve our goals.

We will maximize our results by working together to serve our customers and achieve overall company success. Whenever necessary, we will help each other and do whatever it takes to safely get the job done and build a strong, stable company.

We will work hard to earn the respect and confidence of our customers, shareholders, communities and each other. We will value open and honest relationships that endure difficult times and continuously grow stronger.