Aircraft Charters

Who we are...

ABX Air, Inc. is an all-cargo ACMI operator with a focus on meeting the needs and goals of our customers. We help them reduce costs and more efficiently manage their shipping operations. Our goal is to help businesses grow and evolve, no matter how our world and our industries change.

What we do...

Our ABX Air team of charter professionals takes pride in satisfying our customers. We share the same sense of urgency that you do, while understanding and amplifying the concept as well as delivering on-time service performance. We have the capability to ship practically anything to practically anywhere, safely and reliably. How? By developing long-term and short-term ACMI and ACMI-F contract relationships. ACMI contracts are agreements in which ABX Air supplies the customer with Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance. ACMI-F provides the above-mentioned items plus fuel. With over 30 years of experience and the use of our B767 freighter fleet, we are able to fulfill both domestic and international needs. We've satisfied many Fortune 500 companies and are confident we can satisfy you.


Integrity, Reliability and Service

Your Total Cargo Charter Solution

  • ISO 9002 Certificate
  • FAA Part 121 Air Carrier
  • Hazardous Materials Cert
  • IATA Compliant
  • Dispatch Reliability
  • 24-Hour Flight Monitoring
  • Stage III Noise Compliant
  • Professional Loadmasters
  • Professional Mechanics


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ABX Air, Inc.
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B767 Data


  • Engine Type: CF6-80C9
  • Max Take Off Weight: 412,000 lb
  • Max Landing Weight: 320,000 lb
  • Zero Fuel Weight: 309,000 lb
  • Max Payload: 127,575 lb
  • Fuel Burn per hour: 1,408 gal = 10,000 lb


  • Engine Type: CF6-80A
  • Max Take Off Weight: 351,000 lb
  • Max Landing Weight: 283,000 lb
  • Zero Fuel Weight: 266,000 lb
  • Max Payload: 98,000 lb (FAK installed)
  • Fuel Burn per hour: 1,350 gal = 9,000 lb

Additional Notes (both models):

  • Temperature Control Capability
  • Horse Handler Capability
  • Multiple Cargo Configurations
  • Main Deck Cargo Door Sill Height 177"
  • Main Deck Cargo Door Dimensions: 134" x 96"
  • Main Cargo Door Height from ground: 164" - 177"
  • Lower Deck Cargo Door Sill Height 101"
  • Lower Deck Doors Dimensions: 69" x 70"
  • Forward Lower Deck Doors Height from ground: 89" - 101"
  • Aft Lower Deck Doors Height from ground: 89" - 100"
  • Lower Deck Bulk Door Dimensions: 38" x 43.5"
  • Lower Deck Bulk Door Height from ground: 89" - 103"